Art By Lavinia

My paintings show a journey that involves my imagination, emotions, and life experiences influenced by natural beauty, personal contact, past and present artists, my cultural background and what is happening in the world. Composition, colours, tones and brushwork achieve this. The surface of the painting will show build up or thinness of paint, perhaps it shows the changes wrought by me to make the picture. These add immeasurably personality to the piece and enjoyment of the picture by the viewer. In short, the painting has a complex, layered physical presence in addition to the subject or idea I capture this with different mediums allowing me to express different ideas. My art is my voice and like a beautiful song, a work of art should pull your spirit right into it. It should touch a part of you and bring happiness from this fast everyday world. When you buy one of my paintings you are taking away a small part of my personality to be viewed and enjoyed. The reason I am an artist, is really isn’t something I can try and explain. It is an extremely intoxicating, passionate and rewarding act for me, which can be both frustrating and exhilarating.

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about the author

Phone (02) 4648 1511 for bookings. Experience restaurant dining and cafe culture in a boutique art gallery at Narellan Town Centre.