The ARThouse

Restaurant Dining and Cafe Culture.

Our Story

The ARThouse was established in 2009 by two brothers at the Narellan Town Centre. They identified a fantastic opportunity to create a boutique restaurant and cafe within the developing shopping centre. The ARThouse is a cultural hub that offers a warm and relaxed atmosphere for people to dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The gallery regularly showcases local artists, and less frequently, international artists. Artworks are on display and available for sale. On a daily basis, art and science come together to make the perfect espresso, using award-winning AllPress coffee. Teen Ranch Australia is a local non-profit and non-denominational Christian campsite which purchased the ARThouse in July 2015. Gary & Dave manage the cafe after working for several years at Teen Ranch and have a passion for people and hospitality.

We would love to welcome and serve you next time you're in the area!